EBI 2.6 Examples

Best practices for EXTOL Business Integrator 2.6.


External Notifications API Windows Example
External Notifications API Windows Example with 3 Arguments
External Notifications API Linux Example
External Notifications API iSeries Example

EBI Communications

Implementing SFTP Receive
SFTP MGET Successful Log
Carbon Copy Inbound x12 EDI Data with Outbound SFTP

EDI Processes

How to Re-Generate an FA (997)
Turning off duplicate ICN checking

EBI Install

Install - Understanding Data Requirements
How-to Install Windows EBI 2.6
How-to Upgrade to Windows EBI 2.6
Archiving/Restoring EBI Objects
Archiving/Restoring EBI Objects II
Create Copy of Production EBI Environment
Linux - Increase Number of File Handles in EBI Linux
Licensing of EBI 2.6
Update User IDs and Passwords in EXTOL Business Integrator Utilize EBI Port Config Editor

EBI Automation

How To Do a Hot Backup for Linux
How To Do a Hot Backup for Windows
How To Do a Hot Backup for iSeries
Start iSeries EBI Server via SBMSTRAPS
Start iSeries EXTOL Secure Server via SBMSTRESS Stop iSeries EXTOL Secure Server via SBMSTPESS
Start/Stop Linux EBI/ESX/Dashboard Services Perform Custom Purges via Scripting

Functional Acknowledgements

Customize 997s for AK2 and AK5 Segments How to Re-Generate an FA (997)

EBI Business Process Script Examples

Build Business Process Script to send email with filename and attachment
Build Business Process Script to send email
How to make sure your Application Analysis Ruleset (AARS) is talking, or NOT
How to use a file adapter in EBI, to keep a copy of your outbound x12 data
Call JDE Business Functions Using Invoker Java Program

EBI Interfacing with EXTOL Secure Examples

How to interface EXTOL Business Integrator with EXTOL Secure

EBI Schema Examples

Refresh Database Schema to Add/Delete/Update Fields
Use XML data in EBI without an XSD or DTD file
How to import correct SAP Parser file using EBI Schema Wizard.
Setting up EBI Schema/Ruleset for SDQs.

EBI Ruleset Examples

Force a Translation Error in a Ruleset
How to Test for Numeric Values in Ruleset
How to Create Element Nodes to capture reoccurring elements
How to Manually Build an EXTOL Application Analysis Ruleset (AARS)
How to Build Outbound 856 Ruleset's HL levels
Date Variables in Extol Business Integrator
Supercharge Dashboard 2.1 lookups

EBI Actions

Call SQL procedures from within EXTOL Business Integrator
How to use Action: Remainder in EXTOL Ruleset

Data Log Warehouse

EXTOL Log of Warehouse (ELW) Background
EXTOL Log of Warehouse Commands
EXTOL Log of Warehouse Set-up/Example

EBI Web Service Examples

Step 1 - Create EXTOL REST Provider Web Service

EBI Special Process Examples

How to Process Large Flat Files as a Source Schema, in EBI
EBI PowerUser: Access EXTOL's EDI Data Logs
EBI PowerUser: EXTOL's EDI Data Logs Schema
EBI PowerUser: EXTOL's EDI Data Logs Data Binding Learn How-to Connect to EXTOL Derby Database

What is new with EBI 2

Below are the latest postings for tips, instructions and documentation.

Recent EBI 2 postings

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