EBI 2.6 Best Practices

Best practices for EXTOL Business Integrator 2.6.

Match Multiple Ruleset Values using Regex

How to Test for Numeric Values in Ruleset

How to Find Process Launchers Linked to Business Processes

Learn to Connect to Derby Database using SQL Client

How to Check for Rejected Functional Acknowledgements (997s)

Set-up Exit Point Event Properties

Derby SQL SELECT EDI ISA Control Partner Information

Email Notification BPS with Filename and Attachment

Use Ruleset to Remove Leading Zeros from Alpha Value

Test & Validate FTP Connectivity with FTP Adapter

Create Custom Batch Process for Inbound AS2 Data

Customize BPS to run on Select Days During Certain Hours

Update Dashboard URL for Quicker Access

Business Process Script - Carbon Copy Inbound x12 EDI Data with Outbound SFTP

Using HAS DATA in Business Process Script

Don't force an error in Application Analysis Ruleset BPS

Qualifying data in SAP iDoc

Use the most up-to-date JDBC driver

Retrieve today's date

Calling a Business Process Script within a Ruleset

Force Transformation Errors in EBI Ruleset

Using NAND in EXTOL Binding to Select Data

Converting Date into CYYDDD

Reprocessing inbound EDI Data

Managing Processes on Linux Platform

Document and track your ruleset rules

Use Dashboard 2.1 to determine status of EBI

Setting Up Database Commit Control

Delimiters and Escape Characters in Flat Files

Setting Up a Flat File Schema 101

Setting Up Record Fragments in a Flat File Schema

Setting Up Fixed Length Flat File Schema

File Write Adapter Using Substitution Variable Creator

Use File Write Adapter to Archive Outbound EDI Data Into Single File

Passing a Variable into a File Write Adapter

Applying a UNC Path with FileSystem Monitor

Use SQL Access Insert Reference Data Values for EXTOL Dashboard

What is new with EBI 2

Below are the latest postings for tips, instructions and documentation.

Recent EBI 2 postings

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