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EXTOL Business Integrator - Archiving/Restoring EBI Objects II

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Just as we reviewed the archiving of EXTOL EBI 2.x objects, we are now showing how to unarchive the .jar files.


STEP ONE: Switch to Organizer

EXTOL Business Integrator Organizer

STEP TWO: Browse Archive (Optional).

EXTOL Business Integrator Browse Archive

STEP THREE: Unarchive jar file


STEP FOUR: Collision Notice. The lionshare of the time users will be selecting ‘Yes’.

EXTOL Business Integrator Collision Notice

STEP FIVE: Review Collisions. Most collisions will be EXTOL related shipped items. In that case it is OK to 'SKIP’ these items. Customer specific items needs to be reviewed and determined if the object should be skipped of overwritten.

EXTOL Business Integrator Organizer Collision Review

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