PowerUser: EXTOL's EDI Data Logs Schema

PowerUser: EXTOL's EDI Data Logs Schema

EXTOL EDI User Logs schema

EBI allows for users to access (query) the EDI data logs that are internal to EXTOL Business Integrator. These data logs are what drive EXTOL Dashboard and certain logs in EBI Auditor.
Below we will review the usage of the EBI Schema: EXTOL - EDI User Logs / version 2.2

EBI Schema - EXTOL - EDI User Logs

Below are the record levels of EXTOL - EDI User Logs Schema. Each of these records represent a level of the EDIFACT/X12 transmission.

  • Connection Log
  • Interchange Log
  • Group Log
  • Grouped Message Log
  • Message Log

Highlights of the Message Log

  • USER_REFERENCE_X (1->5): Any data captured from inbound/outbound rulesets and placed into the env.var.reference_X variables are available here
  • ACK_STATUS: Re-create database adapter due to current binding selecting on connection log number
  • ENDPOINT_NAME: Locate specific types of individual documents based on the name of the endpoint

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