Call SQL Procedures from within EXTOL Business Integrator

Call SQL Procedures from within EXTOL Business Integrator

Click here to see how iSeries SQL Procedure is created.

EBI Action Set-up

1. Goto Actions and create a new EBI SQL Action.
2. Select the proper Data Source. Note: The data source will be the library that the SQL procedure was created in, above.
3. Create a 'holding'' variable. In our example, we are going to use 'temp'.

  • Direction: Output
  • Usage: Required
  • Mapping: Single
  • JDBC type: VARCHAR
  • Type: String
4. SQL Statement: "CALL PROCEDURENAME" and click NEXT

5. Choose the defaults for Step 4 of 5

6. Choose unique name to identify SQL Action.

7. Save SQL Action.

EBI Business Process Set-up

1. Goto Business Process Script that needs to have SQL Procedure applied.

2. Goto Transformations Tasks and locate SQL Access.

3. Place SQL Access Task in appropriate step of script and select newly create SQL Procedure Action.

4. Goto newly created SQL Action task in the script and Right click on temporary holding field and attach a string variable. This value will NOT be used anywhere else in the script.
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