EBI 3 Step-by-Step Instructions

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Step-by-Step Instructions. These postings are compliments of EBIthree.com

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Workbench

Studio/Workbench Instructions

Migrate EBI 2.6 objects to 3.1 with EBI Conversion Manager
Create Inbound EDI Mapping Project
Create Outbound EDI Mapping Project
Best Practice to Create Workspace for EDI Projects and Packages
Trading Partner on-boarding with EDI Project Wizard
Use Eclipse's Search/Replace Functionality to Make Updates to Projects/Packages/Objects
Review Client and Server Error Logs in Studio.
Implement Global Variables to Start/Stop Business Processes
Move EBI 3 Projects Between Systems when SVN is not Available
Create REST Webservices Provider in less than 15 Minutes
Use Firefox’s Firebug Addon to Debug EBI 3 Webservices
Implement SFTP Outbound PUT Process
Create Outbound 997 Functional Acknowledgment
Create Application to Application (A2A) File Transfer Process
Instructions for EBI Project Generator
Renaming Studio Workspace Projects, Packages, and Objects
Cleaning-up Ruleset Data Object (RDO)
Update Code Table Outside of EBI 3
Install EXTOL Business Integrator EBI 3 Studio
Implement EBI 3 API for Windows
Configure Ruleset to Include Reference Data in EXTOL Dashboard
EXTOL Business Integrator 3 SVN Repository

Team Development Instructions

Upload Project/Package/Object to SVN Repository via SVN Team->Share
Synchronize Project/Package/Object Changes to SVN Repository
Create Tags for Projects in SVN Repository
Create Branch for Trunk:Project in SVN Repository
How to Restore EBI 3 Project/Package/Object from SVN Repository History/Revisions
SVN Branching and Merging to Promote EBI 3 Projects
EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Admin Console

Server Instructions/Admin Console

Test EXTOL Inbound 850->Database Project in Studio Admin Console
Test EXTOL Outbound Database->850 Project in Studio Admin Console
Deploy/Install EXTOL Project/Packages/Objects to EBI 3 Server
How to Update EBI Server Projects After Deployed/Installed
Create Log Filter Groups and Filters
Set-up Simple Date Purge Business Process

EXTOL Dashboard

Install Windows EXTOL Dashboard 3.1 and Configure Data Source

3rd Party Solutions

Create XSD/DTD using XMLSPY for EXTOL Schema Wizard
Update XSD and DTD using XMLSPY to add XML Element/Attribute
Create PGP public/private certificates using GPG

What is new with EBI 3

Below are the latest postings for tips, instrucions and documentation.

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