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EBI Auditor - Setting up Log Filters and Group Filters

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Navigating the EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) Auditor can be quite challenging at times. Users can be inundated with too MUCH information.

To help with navigating the EBI Auditor, we look at setting up Group Filters and Filters.


First the EBI user will want to double-click on Log Filters to open the Log Filter tab in the Workbench. Next they will right-click and select New.


Once the EBI user has done that the Log Filter Wizard box will appear. Select New and hit Next.


On the next screen, the EBI user will be able to select what they want to filter on. For this example, we will filter on Log of Process. Check that box and hit Next.


On the third and final step it will list the log types that were selected. Click Finish.


Now the Log Filter Editor will appear. On this screen the example that will be used is a filter for the Business Process BOSS_Run_All_Periodic_Business_Processes.

With Log Filters you can specify many different specifications as to what the EBI user wants to filter on. For now we are just filtering on the Business Process.

Right-click on the Log of Process Filtering and select Add Criteria.

Once that is selected the EBI user can select the Business Process they want to filter on by highlighting Business Process Script Id. Now towards the bottom click the …. Box and select the Business Process BOSS_Run_All_Periodic_Business_Processes.

Once that is selected the EBI user can hit Save and enter their property info. Now hit Ok.

There are plenty of different criteria an EBI user can use to make their Log Filters.


Next, the EBI user will want to double-click on Log Filter Groups to open that tab up in the Workbench. Then they will right-click and select New.

Now we are going to create a group for the BOSS Processes. More processes can be added in at any time, but for now in this example we are just using the BOSS_Run_All_Periodic_Business_Processes Business Process.

In the Available Log Filter list, select the Log Filter that we created, BOSS All Daily Processes. It will move over to the Used Filters side. Now just enter a title for the Log Filter Group and click Ok.


Now if the EBI user moves over to the Auditor. In the Log Filter Groups drop down there is a selection for BOSS Processes. Now only the BOSS_Run_All_Daily_Business_Processes Business Process will show for the Log Filter we created. It shows as a tab along the top.

More tabs can be added by creating new Log Filters and adding them to the Used Filters section of the Log Filter Group.

A good practice is to keep Trading Partners and similar processes together. For this example we would make a tab for each different BOSS process in this Log Filter Group.

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