Applying a UNC Path with FileSystem Monitor

Applying a UNC Path with FileSystem Monitor

In a previous post we looked at Accessing iSeries files via UNC Path. In our example below, we look at an EBI filesystem monitor on an EBI Windows install.

Create FileSystem Monitor

In the example below we show how to create a filesystem monitor that uses a UNC path for target and archive directories.

In the example below we take a common Windows UNC path and add an additional backslash ('\') to 'escape' the original backslash. The reason why we need to 'escape' the backslashes is because this is a JAVA product.
First portion of path: file:\\\\
Successvie backslashes: \\

Note:In the example below we are archiving the data in a local directory. If we were archiving the data on a remote machine, we would use a similar UNC path as we did above in the Target Directory.

EXTOL Business Integrator Filesystem Monitor UNC Path screenshot

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