Create Custom Batch Process for Inbound AS2 Data

Create Custom Batch Process for Inbound AS2 Data


An EXTOL Business Integrator 2.6 customer would like to run their inbound AS2 data (from EXTOL Secure) in batch mode. IN order to run the inbound data in batches, we will need to modify the ESX Message Filter and create additional Business Process Scripts (BPS) and File System Monitor (FSM).

Message Filter

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) Message Filter

AS2 Message filter receives the data and calls the Event: inbound.batch.processing
The Event: inbound.batch.processing calls the BPS: Inbound_Batch_Write

BPS: Inbound_Batch_Write

The Business Process contains two file adapters – Inbound_Batch_Processing_Write and Inbound_Batch_Processing_Move.
The write adapter writes the file to E:/EBICustom/Inbound Batch Processing/Temp/
The file is then moved to E:/EBICustom/Inbound Batch Processing/

Scheduler Set-up

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) Scheduler for Batch processing

BPS: Inbound_Batch_Processing FSM

  • The BPS starts the FSM: Inbound_Batch_processing_FSM
  • EBI Processes data in E:/EBICustom/Inbound Batch Processing/
  • The BPS stops the FSM: Inbound_Batch_processing_FSM

FSM: Inbound_Batch_Processing_FSM

FSM processes inbound data by calling Event: receive.edi

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