Setting Up a Flat File Schema 101

Setting Up Record Fragments in a Flat File Schema

As a follow-up to a previous posts about EXTOL Flat File Schemas, we are reviewing how we can set-up records that can happen multiple times and can have child records.
Previous Flat File Schema Posts:

Defining EXTOL Schema Record Fragments

EXTOL EBI Flat File Schema record fragment screenshot

In the example above, there is a single record fragment with multiple record formats. This means that this grouping records will be repeated multiple times.
This scenario would be ideal where we have a header record, address records(s), detail record and summary record.

Defining constraints for EXTOL Schema Record Fragment

EXTOL EBI Flat File Schema record fragment constraints unbounded screenshot

To allow the schema record fragment to occur multiple times, we will 'CLICK' on the 'Constraints' tab and choose the Unbounded box.

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