Delimiters and escape characters in Flat Files

Delimiters and escape characters in Flat Files

Background: FlatFiles in EXTOL Business Integrator

EXTOL Flat File Integrator (EBF) offers users the ability to interface with flat files. Users can take flat file data (delimited or fixed length) and translate the data to XML, database, spreadsheet or another flat file layout.
Some of the components of EBF are:

  • Flat File Schema
  • Ruleset
  • Transformation
  • Business Process Script
  • Read/Write Adapter

Scenario: Delimited Flat File Data with Double Quotes as Escape Characters

We want to process an inbound flat file data using a comma (,) as a delimiter and double quotes (") as an escape chacter.
An example would be double quotes (") around data that contains the delimiter such as comma delimited - xyz, abc, "de,gf", hij. The "de,gf" would parse as one field

In order to handle both of these set-ups, we will create an EXTOL Transformation Setting, as seen below.

Set-up 1: Transformation Setting - Source Delimiter

EXTOL EBI Transformation Setting Source Delimiter

Set-up 2: Transformation Setting - Source Escape Wrap Character

EXTOL EBI Transformation Setting Source Escape wrap Character

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