EBI 2.6 Support

How to Resolve EBI 2.6 Issues Faster and Efficiently

Cleo Clarify EBI 2.6 Auditor Errors

In a series of posts, we are convering how to resolve support issues faster and efficiently. In a previous post, we covered resolving Cleo EDI Integrator Issues.

Users experiencing issues in EBI 2.6 should be 1st look in the Auditor (below)

Cleo Clarify EBI 2.6 Auditor Errors

If the EBI Auditor is not showing the explicit error, users will want to review the Server.log file. (below)

The Server.log can be located here: <Install Directory>\jboss\log\server.log

Cleo Clarify EBI 2.6 Auditor Errors

If end-users are unable to decypher the server.log, this would be a great starting point to open a support ticket with the Cleo Support Engineers. Email the server.log, if you think the error is located in here, to pasupport@cleo.com

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