EBI 3 Documentation

Being a middleware product interfacing with every aspect of of enterprise level software, there are many bells and whistles that might not be documented.

With the compliments of EBIthree.com we educate EBI 3 users by providing documents covering features, step-by-step instructions, and other aspects.

Tech Memos

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Workbench

114239-1 - Migrate EBI 2.6 objects to 3.1 with EBI Conversion Manager
114239-2 - Step by Step Instructions to Create Inbound EDI Mapping Project
114239-3 - Step by Step Instructions to Create Outbound EDI Mapping Project
114240-1 - Best Practice to Create Workspace for EDI Projects and Packages
114240-2 - Instructions for Trading Partner On-Boarding with EDI Project Wizard
114240-3 - Search/Replace Functionality for Projects/Packages/Objects
114253-1 - Implement Global Variables to start/stop Business Processes
114260-1 - Move EBI 3 Projects Between Systems when SVN is not Available
114293-1 - Create REST Webservices Provider in less than 15 Minutes
114294-1 - Use Firefox's Firebug Addon to Debug EBI 3 Webservices
114297-1 - How to Implement Outbound SFTP Put Process
114298-1 - How to Create Outbound 997 Funtional Acknowledgement
114301-1 - Create Application to Application (A2A) File Transfer Process
114303-1 - Setup Data Selection Criteria in Database Adapter
114352-1 - Updating EBI 2 Studio
114357-1 - EBI Project Generator

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Admin Console

114247-1 - Test Inbound 850->Database Project with Local Server
114247-2 - Test Outbound Database->810 Project with Local Server
114248-1 - Promote/Migrate EXTOL Projects from Studio to Server
114248-2 - Update Server Projects After Installed and Deployed
114248-3 - Create Log Filter Groups and Filters
114259-1 - Set-up Simple Date Purge Business Process

EBI 3 Visio

Visio Stencils

Visio Examples

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