Stop Updating EBI SQL Actions When Going Between Test and Production

Stop Updating EBI SQL Actions When Going Between Test and Production

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EXTOL Business Integrator Rulesets users have the ability to reference SQL actions to perform a SQL Select/Update/Insert/Delete. Depending on the Database (JDBC Adapter), EBI is interfacing with, users might need to reference a library/environment/schema name.

The library/environment/schema name is currently hard-coded and there is no way to pass an input variable to the SQL action to update the library/environment value.


In the scenario below, we have an EXTOL ruleset that will interface with either a JDE test (PY) or JDE production (PD) environments. We place both SQL actions in the same ruleset however, only one or the other will be executed.

To determine what SQL Action is called, we read an EBI Global Variable in the Inbound Collaboration Business Process Script. After the global variable is read in the BPS we pass the data to the transformation task via source context point.

Once in the ruleset, we review the global variable in the Composite Transformation Rule. If the global variable = ‘PY’ then we execute the JdePYxxxx SQL actions.

EXTOL Business Integrator ruleset JDE SQL Actions

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