Start/Stop EXTOL Business Integrator for iSeries

Start/Stop EXTOL Business Integrator for iSeries

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Using the commands below, EBI 2.6 (and earlier) users can automatically start and stop EXTOL Business Integrator for iSeries. These steps can be beneficial for lights out processing.

Each of these commands reside in the LIB:EBIUTIL. If users are looking to stop each pf the VNC sessions then the CLP: SBMSTPVNC will need to be to be repeated multiple times to stop each of the VNC ports.

For examples of how these commands are used in CLs, check out EXTOL Business Integrator Automation Section.

CMD: SBMSTRAPS - Submit start EBI application server

CMD:SBMSSPAPS - Submit suspend EBI application server
CMD:SBMSTPVNC - Submit stop VNC server
CMD:SBMSTPAPS - Submit stop EBI application server

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