EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) - Types of Schemas

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) - Types of Schemas

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Depending on the type of license users are licensed for in EXTOL Business Integrator, discussed here, users have the options to create 1 or more of the following schemas:

  • EDI Message - X12 and EDIFACT standards are included with EXTOL Business Integrator.
  • Flatfile - Schema can created via Flatfile Schema Wizard. If schema wizard is not used a fixed length flatfile or delimited flatfile can be created manually.
  • XML - XML can be created manually but many times a DTD will be imported.
  • Database -
  • Spreadsheet - Users will create an XML spreadsheet within Microsoft Excel. Once created EBI users will  and then reference the file once
  • Oracle e-Commerce Gateway -
  • SAP iDoc-

Below is a screenshot of the EXTOL Schema Wizard where users can choose which type of schema to create.


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