EXTOL Business Integrator - Database Compression Utility

EXTOL Business Integrator - Database Compression Utility

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EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) provides two utilities for recovering space in the internal database.

One utility would be COMPRESS.

To call COMPRESS (Linux/Windows/iSeries):

  • From command line, type: QSH (iSeries only)
  • Type: “cd /ebi25” – install directory
  • Type: “cd database”
  • Type: “cd utils”
  • Type: “sh compress_db.sh”


Security manager installed using the Basic server security policy.

Could not listen on port 1527 on host

java.net.BindException: The socket name is already in use.

Script variables:

EBI Home : ../..DB ClassPath : .:../../jboss/server/ebi/lib/derbynet.jar:../../jboss/server/ebi/lib/derby.jar:../../jboss/server/ebi/lib/derbytoo


EBI DataBase : ../../database/

Log file : ../../log/[email protected]:44:48.log

SQL file : compress_db.sql

Command : /QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData/JavaVM/jdk60/32bit/bin/java -cp .:../../jboss/server/ebi/lib/derbynet.jar:../../jboss/server/ebi/lib/derby.jar:../../jboss/server/ebi/lib/derbytools.jar:../../jboss/server/ebi/lib/derbyclient.jar -Dij.outfile=../logs/[email protected]:44:48.log org.apache.derby.tools.ij compress_db.sql

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