EBI Bindings: Watch where you update username/password

EBI Bindings: Watch where you update username/password

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The bindings in the EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI), have a potential flaw when it comes to updating the username and password.

Recently I had to update the password in the bindings, I found out that a user had changed their password on the AS400. This user had applied their name/password to the EXTOL Data Source. When the EXTOL Bindings were originally created, the EXTOL Data Source properties (username/password) were used.

I <double-clicked> on the binding and updated the password for each of the database table associations. These passwords were confirmed and saved. Although the passwords were “saved”, I still experienced database SQL insert errors.

The correct way to update EXTOL bindings is by <right-clicking> on the bindings and select the last drop down option: “Set username/password”.

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