Debugging in EBI: Figuring out EDI Endpoints

Debugging in EBI: Figuring out EDI Endpoints

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When I worked at EXTOL in EDI support, we sometimes had issues where we could not figure out, for the life of us, why an interchange, group, and or message would not unwrap. When those times occurred EXTOL Integrator Auto-Map saved the day.

Now that I use EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI), there are times a collaboration cannot be determined due to an endpoint not being found. To make things easy, we can turn to the Endpoint Generator.

To use the Endpoint Generator, choose the “Endpoint Templates” from the Workbench. From the templates we can auto-create the endpoints by choosing an existing template, <right click> on it, and choose “Generate Endpoints.”

If you manually created EXTOL EDI endpoints, you can compare your endpoints to the EXTOL generated endpoints. This process might save you a phone call to the support line.

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