Install - Understanding Data Requirements

Install - Understanding Data Requirements

Below are considerations to take into account when it comes to the steps to initially installing EXTOL Business Integrator.

These should questions/items should be a starting point. EXTOL support (2nd level) can be extremely helpful when it comes to recommendations.

1. Define source & target of each transformation type.

  • Flat file?
  • EDI?
  • Database?
  • XML?
  • Spreadsheet?
  • Other?

2. Size (both source and target)

  • Average size?
  • Largest size?
  • What % of the whole do the larger files account for?
  • If database, how large are the records?
  • If inbound EDI, how many messages per interchange?

3. Volume

  • Average per day?
  • Peak volumes?
  • % of larger files in peak?

4. Turnaround

  • Any requirement to get response back to sender?
  • How long?
  • Other timing or service level agreement requirements?


1. Define high availability or disaster recovery requirements.

2. Define backup requirements.

3. What other applications are running on the machine\VM\partition that EBI will be running in?

  • How memory intensive are those other applications?
  • Will priority be granted to one over the other?

4. What is the expected growth for this system

  • Data volume growth?
  • Individual source and target size growth?
  • Plans to add any additional EBI integrators?

5. Is a maintenance window available where the system can be stopped?

  • How Often?
  • For How Long?
  • Plans to add any additional EBI integrators?

6. Data retention requirements

  • How much has to remain in system?
  • Does retention requirement include only transactional data or does it also include process information and logging?

7. If installation will be on iSeries, generate an activity report for review.

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