SFTP Error: PUT Incorrect Remote Location

SFTP Error: PUT Incorrect Remote Location


Created SFTP PUT Business Process Task. Business Process Script is attempting to send a single file via SFTP PUT.


EXTOL SFTP PUT Client is error'ing when trying to send single file.

EXTOL error message:

Starting SFTPClient
Establishing SFTP connection on:
Host: asiftp.answers-sys.com
Port: 22
SFTP connection established.
Establishing SFTP channel...
Establishing SFTP channel... Complete.
Retrieving list of file names from server...
There was a problem retrieving the file from the SFTP Server: File not found: /inbound
Check the following settings for correctness:
The remote file path and name
The local file path and name
You have permission to access and/or delete remote file(s)
Completed Task.


We need to apply String Append to bring the remote location and filename together.

The filename_paramater is passed in as a script parameter from a FileSystem Monitor and the remote location is a constant string.

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